You need to go back to 1920s Cuban "Son" dancing to find the origins of the Salsa movements and more specifically through the beat of Son Montuno with strong influences from Danzon, Mambo, Guaguanco and the Afro-Cuban Rumba heritage. Over a nine decade span, Salsa has evolved, partly through political pressures, partly due to social influences. The result is a whole mixture of distinct styles, namely Cuban ("Casino"), New-York ("Mambo on 2"), Los Angeles ("On 1"), Colombian ("Cali-Style") and Miami.

Here at Cuba Pequeña or "Little Cuba", we specialise in the Cuban Salsa & Rueda de Casino where groups of couples exchange partners in a circle. The origin of the name Casino is derived from the Spanish term for the dance halls where a lot of social Salsa dancing was taking place in Cuba during the mid-20th century and onward.

Whether you want to dance, or you have decided to lose weight or keep fit or you simply would like to make new friends, look no further, you can achieve it all at once and have fun at the same time.
New to Salsa? No problem, we're here to help. No partners? No worries, with our ever growing population of Salseras and Salseros, it won't take you too long before you find yourself dancing with someone. Two left-footers welcome!

Cuba Pequeña is a Cuban Salsa Club based in Witham, Essex, England for like minded people who enjoy the Cuban rhythms and are passionate about Salsa. For beginners, improvers and intermediate.

*** Please be aware that Cuba Pequeña is currently having a break. We would like to thank you for your continued support. See you all hopefully soon ***

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